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In Italy, you can have a valid civil wedding, a religious wedding, a symbolic ceremony or even a simple blessing or elopement. For legally recognized weddings, you must present documents to the local authorities. (READ)

The paperwork will vary depending on the nationality of the bride and groom and the type of ceremony requested. Our staff can assist you in preparing all the required documents.

Please see Legal requirements(READ) for laws on getting married in Italy.

Civil Wedding Ceremonies in Verona or in Lake Garda

Civil ceremonies by law must take place in the hall of the historical cloister of S. Francesco al Corso ( property purchased by the local government only). The readings of the civil vows are conducted in Italian with translation and are about 30 minutes long.
After the reading, the rings are exchanged and then the witnesses sign the wedding act as do the bride and groom.

You could experience the unique opportunity to celebrate your wedding in one of the most romantic surroundings in Verona: in the hall of the historical cloister of S. Francesco al Corso, today a Museum of Frescoes, and where the famous sarcophagus of Juliet lies in the crypt. The tomb has become a symbol of eternal love. Maria Luisa of Austria, duchess of Parma, had a necklace made from fragments of the red marble of Juliet's tomb and Lord Byron also took some pieces to give to his daughter. Needless to say this romantic assignation could only be completed with a visit to Juliet's house, to exchange a kiss on the most famous balcony in the world. In this historical setting evoking myths and magic one can renew vows of love

[please visit our web gallery about the love vow in medieval costumes]

LAKE GARDA (Malcesine, Sirmione, Torri, Lazise, Valeggio)
Civil ceremonies by law must take place in the Town Hall or in other property purchased by the local government.

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Verona location

Valeggio & Lake Garda

Malcesine & Garda Lake

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Wedding Certificates
All couples marrying civilly in Italy receive an international wedding certificate valid in their home country. To register your marriage at home you will simply need to go to the registrar with the certificate and present the document.
Only a single wedding certificate is usually issued by the Italian authorities but additional ones can be requested as long as this is done in advance.
Additional copies are hard to obtain after you leave the country. Please advise us beforehand how many copies you

Religious Wedding Ceremonies

Foreign citizens can be married in Italy according to the Religious rites.

Catholic Religious Ceremony
Italian State recognizes the civil effects of the sacrament of the marriage disciplined by the Canon law. It needs to make an appointment with the priest of the Church where the marriage is celebrated. There are the same procedures of the civil marriage (presentation of the documents, appointment with Official Registry Office, etc. see “Legal requirements”).
Foreign citizens wish to get married in a catholic church in Verona must get married civilly in their country or they have a civil marriage in Verona Town Hall before that.

Jewish Ceremony
Jewish ceremony can be celebrated in Synagogue of Verona held by Rabbi or you can bring your own rabbi that celebrates the ceremony in a palace or in a garden of hotels.
This service is on request

Anglican Ceremony
Blessing Anglican ceremony can be celebrated in Verona for foreign citizens.
This service is on request

Greek Orthodox Ceremony
Blessing Greek orthodox ceremony can be celebrated in Verona for foreign citizens.
This service is on request

Symbolic Wedding
A symbolic wedding essentially consists of a blessing or a symbolic ceremony. You can celebrate this in a chapel or at any other location, without limitations or restrictions. Usually the couples that choose this type of ceremony have had a civil ceremony in their home country, and arrive in Italy for a wedding according to Italian tradition, at historic sites or in a private setting.



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