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Verona for Two is the wedding department of Renbel Travel Group
The Company is a well-established travel, event & service company known both in the national and international travel market for the high quality of the innovative services.


A highly professional and motivated team is the key to this success, giving Renbel a lasting competitive advantage in the market.

Flexibility and creative ideas together with a deep knowledge of the world of tourism and territory allow us to plan and give life to distinctive
tailor-made services. Many years of experience and reliability, based on continuous inspections and training in places and facilities, are the guarantee we offer our guests that nothing, even the smallest detail, is left to chance.

tailor-made service
This service is designed to meet the different and specific needs of couples and small groups.

At Renbel Group attention is paid to the desires of our guests, keeping in mind
their time requirements, personality and pace of life, for a stress-free holiday or
special event!

Would you like to plan a wonderful, unforgettable event, tailored by the best workmanship? Renbel offers clear and honest services as well as pret-à-porter event solutions just your size! Renbel lets you choose, dream, live and plan with freedom. Your journeys are your life experiences, a suitcase full of your most beautiful and vivid memories.

This is the project that perfectly suits you!

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